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Lenten Reflection and Video

Posted on March 05, 2020 in: Reflections, Lent

Lenten Reflection and Video


Here is a Video and a Reflection to help you on your journey this Lent..

For more video's reflections, and resources visit NorwichDiocese.org/Lent


Lenten Reflection

“Own It!”

We began this Lenten Season on Ash Wednesday where we received ashes on our forehead in the sign of a cross. Those ashes mark the 40 day period of preparation we set aside as Catholics to journey with Jesus. What is that journey going to look like this year? What changes/additions/deletions are you going to make, to or from your life, to enrich yourself spiritually this year? How are you going to come to know Jesus better in the next 40 days?

For all of us the answers to those questions are vastly different. Some people have a plan in place on what this Lent will hold for them. Others have no idea how to go about making their spiritual life a priority. And many others are continuously trying to strike a balance between all the things they “need to do” with the things they “want to do”!

It does not matter where you are on the faith continuum, Lent offers all of us an opportunity to make our spiritual life and our relationship with God a priority. In our society today the phrase OWN IT is bantered about in reference to many things- taking responsibility for your actions, opinions, differences, etc. It has become a catch phrase to remind people that they are free to think, believe, and feel the way they want to and no one can change that. As Catholics, I believe that we should use this phrase as our theme for Lent this year!

  • We all need to practice modeling our faith for others-- do people know we are followers of Christ by who we are?

  • We all need to take responsibility for our choices and decisions-- do they bring us closer to God or do they move us away from God’s love?

  • We all need to make our faith a priority-- do we spend as much time practicing our faith as we do watching TV or viewing social media?

  • We all need to challenge ourselves with new experiences-- do we let the thought of changing and growing scare us into inactivity?

  • We all need to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world-- do we make the world a better place?

This Lenten Season know that you are in our prayers in a special way!
God’s blessings and joy, Andrea, Liza, Marianne & Mary-Jo

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