Chrism Mass Celebrates
Unity of the Church Family
Priests of the Diocese Concelebrate with Their Bishop

From the FCC News Desk

Norwich – On Tuesday, March 29, two days before Holy Thursday, priests of the Diocese, deacons and religious, parishioners from across the Diocese, seminarians, student greeters and Jubilarian honorees joined Bishop Michael R. Cote in celebrating the annual Chrism Mass dedicated to the renewal of the priestly commitment to service and the blessing of the sacred sacramental oils.

The three sacred oils blessed were the Oil of Catechumens used in the preparation of the adult and child Catechumens for their Baptism; Oil of the Sick used to bring comfort and support to the sick; and the Holy Chrism used to anoint the newly baptized, to seal the candidates for Confirmation and to anoint the hands of priests at ordination and to anoint the heads of bishops at their ordination.

This concelebration of Bishop Cote and his priests signified their unity as co-workers in ministry, manifesting the unity of the priesthood and the sacrifice of Christ.

At the same time, the representatives of the Church of Norwich, who have been consecrated in Baptism and strengthened by Confirmation, are united with their Bishop and priests as Holy Week approaches. Together, all are renewed in grace, in mission, and in witness to the presence of Christ and the continuation of his work in the Diocese of Norwich.

In his homily, Bishop Cote touched on the essence of this unifying occasion, “With Christ, joy is constantly born anew.” The Chrism Mass was in every way a reaffirmation of the joy and mercy of Christ and his Church.

Priest Jubilarians for 2015

60 Years
Reverend Richard L. Archambault ~ July 2, 1955
Reverend Roger A. Couture, OMI ~ September 15, 1955
Reverend Daniel C. Cronin ~ July 10, 1955

55 Years
Reverend Leoncio T. AlmendraMarch 26, 1960
Reverend Edward M. KonopkaJune 25, 1960
Reverend Paul F. RamenFebruary 2, 1960
Reverend John E. Welch, MSMay 28, 1960

50 Years
Reverend V. Antony J. Alaharasan ~ December 21, 1965
Reverend Monsignor James P. Carini ~ May 27, 1965
Reverend James Hammer, OFM Cap ~ November 13, 1965
Reverend James L. Maltese ~ February 13, 1965

45 Years
Reverend Anthony P. Gruber ~ June 6, 1970
Very Reverend Laurence A.M. LaPointe ~ June 6, 1970
Reverend Monsignor Anthony S. Rosaforte ~ June 6, 1970

40 Years
Most Reverend Michael R. Cote, D.D. ~ June 29, 1975
Reverend Mark Curesky, OFM Conv. ~ May 3, 1975
Reverend Monsignor Michael T. Donohue ~ June 29, 1975
Reverend Russell F. Kennedy ~ May 10, 1975

35 Years
Reverend Arthur A. Archer ~ December 6, 1980
Reverend Charles A. McGrail ~ December 6, 1980

30 Years
Reverend Mark D. O’Donnell ~ May 25, 1985

25 Years
Reverend Joseph F. DeCosta ~ November 17, 1990
Reverend Gregory C. Mullaney ~ May 5, 1990
Very Reverend Michael L Phillippino ~ May 26, 1990
Reverend Benjamin V. Soosaimanickam ~ April 29, 1990