The Diocese of Norwich has developed a curriculum for training our children, youth, and vulnerable adults on how to keep themselves safe as they grow in their faith.  This curriculum, released in 2019 in a written format, is now available in video format for ease of use at our parishes, schools, and institutions.  This training is required for all youth participating in schools, parish, and ministry activities.  These engaging videos are available for ages in grades K-6 and 7th through 10th grades.   We have also just completed the Spanish language videos of the same training for our Spanish-speaking community. 

To access these videos and/or written curriculum contact the Office for Safe Environments and a video link or USB drive can be sent to your location.

About the Curriculum

Abuse Prevention and Awareness Curriculum for children and teens. The NO GO TELL curriculum has been developed to teach children and young people how to identify and understand the following concepts:

  • Appropriate behavior based on personal dignity and respect for others
  • Personal safety and critical skills to remain safe
  • Appropriate boundaries
  • Assertive response in potentially dangerous situations
  • Identify trusted persons
  • What harassment and abusive situations look like

Lesson Plans






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