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Lenten Video and Reflection- Week 5

Posted on March 26, 2020 in: Reflections, Lent

Lenten Video and Reflection- Week 5

Here is a Video and a Reflection to help you on your journey this Lent.

For more video's reflections, and resources visit NorwichDiocese.org/Lent

Lenten Reflection: Week Five

“Own It: Prayer”

Prayer is having a conversation with God,
as well as developing a personal relationship with Him.

Through our prayers, God helps us to see the vision and plans he has for us personally.   With that in mind, we all need to set aside time to align ourselves with God’s plan for each one of us.  We cannot expect to know God’s will if we do not communicate with him directly.  God holds the answers to all our questions; we just need to initiate the conversation.  Here are some reasons why…  

*Prayer can set (or change) the tone of the day.   Are you starting each day with prayer to help set a positive tone for the day?  Do you ask for strength and perseverance in prayer during the day? Is prayer a daily reality for you?  

*Prayer helps you make better decisions.   Even the small decisions in your life make a big difference, so how are you approaching them?  Are you bringing them to God in prayer or handling everything yourself?  

*Prayer is communication, which builds strong relationships. How much time do you give God in a week?  Are you connecting with Him every day or just every now and again? Are you taking the time to still your heart and be silent so that you can truly “listen” to God speaking to you, or are you doing all the talking? 

*Daily prayer is submitting your heart to God.  Giving your life to Jesus is not a one-time event, but a daily discipline of submission. It’s the daily release of your control and deciding to live under God’s rule and guidance instead.  

* Opening your heart to God daily allows God to transform your heart.  Prayer isn’t a transaction. It’s a relationship with God.  God’s focus isn’t results but hearts. He wants to win over your heart and move it closer to His.  He may do that through answering earthly needs, or He may do that by working in your heart to shift your focus to Him. 

Learn for yourself why prayer is important. Experience the power of prayer when you commit to regularly spending time with God in prayer. 


This Lenten Season we have you and your families in our prayers in a very special way. 
If we can be of any assistance to you during these difficult times, please feel free to call us, 860-848-2237, ext. 203, 305, 304, 312.
God’s blessings and health, Andrea, Liza, Marianne & Mary-Jo

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