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Action Alert: Help Protect A Pregnant Woman's Choice in Connecticut

Posted on February 08, 2021 in: ProLife

Action Alert: Help Protect A Pregnant Woman's Choice in Connecticut


Public Health Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Legislation Detrimental to Pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers in Connecticut

Please help the centers oppose the legislation by emailing the members of the committee or signing-up to testify during the ZOOM Public Hearing.

  The Public Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10th, beginning at 9:00 am. This is a Zoom Public Hearing. See details at the end of this action alert on how to watch the hearing, testify through Zoom, or submit written testimony.

        Urge the Committee members to Vote "NO" on S.B. 835 "An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers". Click on the link below or at the end of this email to send them an email. You may edit the pre-written email with your own comments..

 Click here to send an email to the members of the Public Health Committee.

   S.B. 835 is based on completely inaccurate and misleading information about pregnancy resource centers in our state and is part of a national campaign to discredit the work that these centers perform. This legislation is not actually driven by concerns over false and misleading advertising, but by an ideological conflict between pregnancy resource centers, that do not provide abortion services, and centers that do provide or refer for abortions. The word "abortion" is the linchpin in determining who is covered by this proposed legislation and who is not.

  The clients pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut encounter are mostly by referrals from other clients, family members, and other social service agencies. A small portion of the clients come from advertising. The high number of referrals shows that people in the community support and trust the pregnancy resource centers. If these centers practiced any of the dubious activities that proponents of S.B. 835 claim the referral numbers would be drastically lower.

  This proposed legislation exists primarily due to an ideological conflict between the pregnancy resource centers and the organizations who support this legislation, such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Proof of this statement can be found in Section 1(7) where "limited services pregnancy center" is defined as centers that do not provide referrals for abortions or emergency contraception. This automatically excludes any center, such as Planned Parenthood centers, from being covered by this proposed legislation because they perform or refer for abortions. If any pregnancy care center in Connecticut added abortion referrals to its list of services it to would no longer be covered by this proposed legislation. If this proposed bill is adopted, the state would be incorporating "viewpoint discrimination" into state law, opening the legislation up to a federal court challenge.

  Additionally, what constitutes false advertising is not clearly defined in this legislation, making centers vulnerable to harassing legal suits which would exhaust financial resources so badly needed to aid the women and children they serve.

 Finally, legal actions across the nation over the past several years have almost entirely ruled these type of laws unconstitutional. In several of these court cases, lack of substantiated evidence of the harm done to women was one of the major reasons the courts ruled against the laws. In other words, just like in Connecticut, there has been a complete lack of evidence that the centers are intentionally misleading women.

Please oppose S.B. 835 - Help preserve a true choice for women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Connecticut.

Summary of Major Flaws in S.B. 835:

1) The proposed legislation is extremely narrow and only affects centers that do not refer or perform abortions. This is specifically stated in the proposed bill. The language appears to promote viewpoint discrimination, which is unconstitutional, and was cited by other courts across the nation that have overturned similar legislation. Under this legislation, if a pregnancy care center began referring women for abortions the proposed law would no longer apply to them. The legislation does not apply to the Planned Parenthood Centers in Connecticut because they refer for abortions. No state in the country has successfully enacted similar legislation. The laws in California and Hawaii have been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

2) What constitutes deceptive advertising under the proposed legislation is not defined and open to interpretation. The legislation leaves what constitutes deceptive advertising open to broad interpretation. Proponents of the legislation have stated they believe even a sign that says "Pregnant, Need Help, Call " is deceptive advertising because pro-life pregnancy care centers that use that phrase do not offer abortions.

3) The proposed legislation gives the Attorney General excessive power to take legal action against pregnancy care centers. Who determines what is deceptive advertising under the law? The Attorney General. Does there have to be a complaint filed by a prospective client? No, the Attorney General can act on his own or at the encouragement of pro-abortion advocacy groups, such as NARAL.

Read the proposed legislation here


 Click here to send an email to the members of the Public Health Committee.

or testify through Zoom or submit written testimony.


To watch the public hearing: The public hearing can be viewed via YouTube Live.
In addition, the public hearing may be recorded and broadcast live onCT-N.com.    

To testify through the Zoom process: (The committee will public a list of speakers so that a person can know when it will be their turn to speak.) Individuals who wish to testify via Zoom must register using the On-line Testimony Registration Form.  Registration will close on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 3:00 P.M.  Speaker order of approved registrants will be listed in a randomized order and posted on the Public Health Committee website on February 9, 2021 at 5:00 P.M. under Public Hearing Testimony.

To submit written testimony: Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to phtestimony@cga.ct.gov Testimony should clearly state testifier name and related bill number.  The Committee requests that testimony be limited to matters related to the items on the Agenda.


Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference · 134 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105-3784, United States

You can keep up with Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference on Twitter or Facebook.


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