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Moments of Hope in Haiti

Posted on April 25, 2022 in: Outreach to Haiti

Moments of Hope in Haiti

When asked many years ago what the scriptures say about hope the late Maurice Blumberg shared the following in one of a series of articles he wrote for Catholic Exchange. “Hope is faith directed to the future. It’s faith acting on and trusting in the promises God has made. It’s hope that moves us to say “Yes ”to God, and it’s hope that gives meaning to our trials...”

Hopefully, we take these words to heart as we journey through life and walk with our brothers and sisters throughout the world. We know this is true for all who help support the work we do through the Diocese of Norwich Outreach to Haiti Ministry. It is hope that moves us to say yes to God and it is this same hope that gives hope to our Haitian friends that God is with them, especially during times of trouble. 

As Christ’s servants we provide moments of hope to ourselves and others as we direct our faith to the future and say yes to God. Through our diocesan ministry, Outreach to Haiti, we experience many moments of hope: 

Father Berthony, Parish of Saints Martin & Yves, Delmas, “Thank you for the work you do at the Parish of Les Palmes, Our Lady of Présentation…Thanks to you, I am a priest today!”  

Dr. Sherley Sainterve, Hôpital Le Cayes, “My life changed the day I was selected for the Outreach to Haiti Student Sponsorship Program that provided me a scholarship…I will be forever grateful to Outreach…for helping me realize one of my biggest dreams, which was to be a doctor and serve the poorest community of my country.”  

David, a post-secondary student, “I am this young boy you have been helping since I was a kid…“It is this program [Outreach’s education sponsorship program] which has inspired me to dream about a better life...This education I have been gifted makes me obligated to become all that I can, that God, family and country desire of me.”    

Lamercie Vancol, a participant in Outreach’s FAK program who expanded her peanut butter and jam business thanks to a small loan from Outreach, “I believe my being chosen to participate in FAK is a miracle sent from above!”

Dr. Jacquet, Outreach’s Medical Director and Pediatrician, “Nelson entered our Food and Nutritional Supplement Program at 13 months with a weight of 8 kilos, after 6 weeks, he moved up to phase 2 of the treatment was completely healed after 4 months and 2 weeks with a weight of 12 kilos. He is just one of the many malnourished children we have brought to full health.”

Jude Cangé, Outreach’s Director of Operations, “Our staff views their work as a special vocation as they answer God’s call and serve as His instrument of love.”

Outreach to Haiti, works in the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince to provide life-enhancing and life-saving services to the men, women, and children living in the neighborhood of Christ Roi (Christ the King) and the communities served by the fourteen Haitian Parishes who twin with Parishes in our Diocese and other US Dioceses through our Parish Twinning Program. 

God gifted us with great hope through the death of His only Begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. As we approach Easter Sunday, let us reflect on the gift of hope -- our faith directed to the future -- and how it manifests itself in our daily lives.

By Susan Wallace


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