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On marriage, Pope Francis has written: “Love is not a feeling. Feelings come and go with the days and weeks. Love is more. It is a commitment to live through good times and difficult ones, through sickness and health, through thick and thin. Love comes from only one source: God. God is the basis of true marriage.”

To celebrate and honor the sacrament of marriage and the daily decisions couples make to commit to their spouses, the diocese recognizes the following couples celebrating anniversaries this year. Thank you for your years of enduring love and the witness you give to others of the fullness and beauty of living a Sacramental Marriage with God at the center of your lives. May God bless your union as you continue your journey of faith and love together.

By Mary-Jo McLaughlin


Two Years

Karl A. and Grace M. Kiesewetter, December 15, 2018

Thirteen Years

Martin and Barbara Fuller, September 22, 2007

Silver Jubilarians

Mark and Lori Baron, November 11, 1995
Raymundo R. and Catherine M. Bigalbal, December 2, 1995
Matthew and Linda Cunningham, September 3, 1995
John and Monica Devivo, April 22, 1995
Christopher and Gina Foster, September 16, 1995
Michael and Kathy Goggins, August 5, 1995
Jorge and Pamela Gonzalez, April 10, 1995
John and Karen Goyette, September 2, 1995
David and Kelly Hassler, October 14, 1995
Ryan and Patricia Hawthorne, August 19,1995
Frank and Susan Hollo, June 24, 1995
Chris and Kelly Kempesta, April 22, 1995
Richard and Anna Lawton, September 30, 1995
Kelly and Patrick Pothier, April 8, 1995

Thirty Years

Thomas and Mary Fitzgerald, September 29, 1990
Patrick and Mary-Jo McLaughlin, June 2, 1990
Antonio and Margaret Roberto, August 25, 1990
Wayne and Theresa Urbanski, September 7, 1990

Thirty-one Years

Robert and Kim Vurno, December 29, 1989

Thirty-two Years

Hema and Paula DeSilva, June 25,1988
Erick K. Hilversum and Zayra Rivera, July 30, 1988

Thirty-five Years

Douglas and Jan Collard, November 2, 1985
Mark and Susan Desrosiers, May 26, 1985

Forty Years

George and Gail Blicharz, March 22, 1980
Donald and Mary Gould, August 6, 1980
Shelton and Patricia Stewart, November 8, 1980

Forty-three Years

Russell and Michele Ripley, July 9, 1977

Forty-four Years

Robert and Irene Renza, August 14, 1976

Forty-five Years

Vito and Anna Disibio, November 7, 1975
Thomas and Linda Joyal, July 5, 1975
Larry and Peggy Puzzo, June 21, 1975
Paul and Sheree Rondeau, May 10, 1975

Forty-nine Years

Leland M. and Carolyn S. Horton, January 23, 1971

Golden Jubilarians

Roger and Anna Belliveau, August 28, 1970
Robert and Darleen Bilodeau, October 10,1970
Robert and Sandy Calabro, August 1, 1970
Joseph and Elizabeth Carta, June 6, 1970
Ronald and Johanne Cecchini, June 20, 1970
Thomas J. and Susan R. Crossen, August 1, 1970
Gary and Theresa Dziatko, December 5, 1970
Thomas and Diana Eastwood, May 16, 1970
Michael and Donna Favreau, November 14, 1970
Laurent and Mariel Gamache, September 12, 1970
Deacon Dana and Mary Garry, October 3, 1970
Lawrence and Diane Gevry, June 13, 1970
David and Susan Griffiths, August 2, 1970
Michael and Patricia Gromko, May 16, 1970
John and Petita Homiski, August 8, 1970
Stephen and MaryAnne Igoe, September 12, 1970
Joseph A. and Nancy W. Lacasse, June 27, 1970
Richard and Mary Ann Laria, October 11, 1970
John and Patricia Larson, June 29, 1970
Robert and Lorraine Maloney, June 21, 1970
Stephen and Natalie Marek, December 27, 1970
Armand and Sherry Menard, July 18, 1970
Harold and Beverly Millbauer, October 10, 1970
Michael and Marjorie Mlodzinski, February 14, 1970
Robert and Kathleen Musson, September 19, 1970
Bruce and Linda Parsons, July 18, 1970
William and Mary Pearson, May 9, 1970
Rich and Anna Retallack, August 8, 1970
Robert and Ann Ricca, October 17, 1970
Colin and Loretta Rice, August 1, 1970
Wilfred R. and Annamaria R. Rondeau, Jr., August 2, 1970
William J. and Diane M. Russell, September 2, 1970
H. Joseph and Patricia S. Santerre, May 16, 1970
Denver R. and Janice L. Schroeder, October 3, 1970
William P. and Beverly D. Spink, May 23, 1970
R. Jim and Cheryl Stankiewicz, May 7, 1970
Daniel P. and Karen A. Sullivan, May 23, 1970
Rene and Elizabeth Trudelle, June 6, 1970
Alex and Judi Trzcinski, October 17, 1970
Daniel and Claire Wholley, December 20, 1970
Michael J. and Alice Zanelli, October 24, 1970

Fifty-four Years

Dennis and Karen Barr, August 6, 1966

Fifty-five Years

Tom and Flo-Ann Capiga, November 20, 1965
John and Mary Jakubowski, November 27, 1965
Albert and Sandra Lanke, August 20, 1965
Kenneth and Carol McKenna, September 4, 1965
Theodore and Judith Pappagallo, August 15, 1965
Harry and Marsh Rollinson, February 6, 1965
James and Carol Rooney, May 15, 1965
John and Corinne Tillotta, July 31, 1965

Sixty Years

R. Bruce and Denise Beaudoin, August 6, 1960
Walter and Patricia Cahill, June 18, 1960
John A. and Judith A. Converse, August 6, 1960
Roland and Margaret Dubois, November 12, 1960
Leo J. and Claudette Sirois, October 22, 1960

Sixty-one Years

Charles and Rosemary Hall, October 31, 1959

Sixty-four Years

John and Jane Sterry, June 30, 1956

Sixty-five Years

Donald and Judith Ducheneau, July 18, 1955
Richard and Louise Joly, July 2, 1955
Victor and Ida Manzanella, August 13, 1955
Philip and Louise Russo, October 15, 1955

Sixty-eight Years

Lionel and Irene Boudreau, September 20, 1952

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“Nothing is more important than that you love one another. So valuable and so precious is your special love for one another, that Jesus has made you one of the Sacraments of His Church.  You, in your unique union with one another, are a sacred sign in your everyday life together of His caring, healing, and life-giving presence in the Church. Wherever you are, whatever you say in tenderness to one another, whatever you do in loving union with one another brings Jesus in His Body, the Church, alive in all whom you touch. He has called you to love one another in His name.” 

~  Fr. Chuck Gallagher, SJ,
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