The Tribunal

The Tribunal

The Diocesan Tribunal acts as the Judicial Arm of the Diocesan Bishop upholding rights and responding to grievances relating to Church Law. Deals mainly in the investigation of and pronouncements on petitions regarding invalidity of marriage (Annulments).

Judicial Vicar:

  • Very Reverend Ted F. Tumicki, S.T.L., J.C.L., J.V., Ext. 251

Adjunct Judicial Vicar:

  • Reverend Brian J. Romanowski, J.C.L.

Associate Judicial Vicar:

  • Reverend George J. Richards, Jr., J.C.L.

Administrative Assistant:

  • Mr. David Ostafin, Ph.D.

Defenders of the Bond:

  • Reverend George Richards, J.C.L.


  • Monsignor Henry N. Archambault, P.A., J.C.D.
  • Monsignor Leszek T. Janik, J.C.L., V.G.
  • Very Reverend Ted. F. Tumicki, S.T.L., J.C.L., J.V.
  • Sister Elissa Rinere, C.P., J.C.D.
  • Reverend Brian Romanowski, J.C.L.


  • Reverend Brian Romanowski, J.C.L.
  • Sister Elissa Rinere, C.P., J.C.D.
  • Ms. Jacqueline M. Keller


  • Mrs. Ann Marie Osowski


  • Mrs. Ann Marie Osowski
  • Mr. David Ostafin 
  • Mrs. Alice Pudvah

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