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Keep Connecticut Healthy - Stop Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Posted on March 11, 2021 in: News, ProLife

 Keep Connecticut Healthy - Stop Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

 Action Alert

Keep Connecticut Healthy - Stop Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Is Money the Only Thing that Matters?


    The Governor and the promoters of marijuana, including many legislators, only seem to be talking about the financial gain to the state. They are ignoring the science about its negative impacts on individuals and society. Big money is the driving force behind marijuana legalization in Connecticut. Recreational marijuana will become the new tobacco, with its own variety of problems. The legalization of recreational marijuana does not benefit the "common good", which is the standard of Catholic social teaching.

   The Conference finds no benefit to our state, including financial, and has urged the  Judiciary Committee to reject S.B. 888 "An Act Responsibly and Equitably Regulating Adult-Use Cannabis". Passage of this bill may enrich the coffers of the State, and private businesses, but will do so at an unacceptable cost to the health and quality of life of its citizens.

The Concerns Far Outweigh the Benefits - Learn Some the Facts

1) The legislation allows edibles, in the form of candies and baked goods laced with marijuana, to be sold in marijuana stores. This has led to problems in other states in relation to ingestion by children and leading minors to believe marijuana is fun and there are no health concerns. This is like creating flavored cigarettes' and vaping material to entice young people, which led to bad results in our state and nationwide.

2) Traffic accidents have significantly risen in states that have legalized marijuana. The Association of Police Chiefs opposes the legislation for this and other reasons.

3) The sale of black-market marijuana has not decreased in the states that have legalized marijuana. This is due to the cheaper cost. No taxes on black market marijuana.

4) The National Alliance on Mental Illness is opposed to legalization. In a policy statement on the legislation they stated:

 "If marijuana is legalized, data from Colorado has shown that after the first few years, it will have a negative impact on state revenues/spending. We will instead propose: 

  • a significant increase in the funding for mental health and addiction programs services, in anticipation of a huge increase in the need for these services, once marijuana is legalized. 
  • a significant public awareness campaign around the dangers of marijuana usage (addiction, psychosis). 
  • a significant education campaign within the CT Public School System, on both the dangers of marijuana, as well as the importance of mental health and the resources available for same. 
  • put the legislature on notice that the revenues from the sale of marijuana are in no way connected to the PILOT payments issue, and therefore should not be directed or dedicated to resolving that issue. (Note: The state is promising more money to the towns.)

   5)  The Connecticut Medical Society (CMS) opposes legalization for numerous health reasons.

Watch this CMS Youtube video - the medical impact of legalization.


Do not let the drive for money put the health of Connecticut residents, including the young, at risk. 

Click here to send your legislators and the Governor an email opposing legalization.
You may edit the pre-written email.


Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference · 134 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105-3784, United States
You can also keep up with Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference on Twitter or Facebook.

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