Full Group Directory

Group Directory

33 Prospect Hill Road
Cromwell, CT 06416-2005

Phone: 860-632-3010

Website: www.holyapostles.edu

Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, Vice-Pres of External Affairs
Msgr. Albert Kuuire, Director of Spiritual Direction

Reverend Charles Bak, M.S.A.
Reverend Jeffrey Thompson, M.S.A.
Reverend John R. Lyons, M.S.A.
Reverend Michel LeGault, M.S.A., In Residence
Reverend Luis Luna-Barrera, M.S.A.
Very Reverend Douglas L. Mosey, C.S.B., Ph.D., President/Rector
Reverend Robert L. Sickler, M.S.A.
Reverend David Zercie, M.S.A.
Reverend Stanley Grove, M.S.A.
Brother Robert Whitton, M.S.A.
Brother Hieu Ho, M.S.A.
Brother Paul Lich, M.S.A.
Brother Hai Tran Van, M.S.A.

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    201 Broadway
    Norwich, CT 06360-4328
    Phone: 860-887-9294