Full Group Directory

Group Directory

54 West Main Street, P.O. Box 691
Baltic, CT 06330-0691

Phone: 860-822-8241

Website: www.sistersofcharity.com

Mother M. David Riquier, S.C.M.C.
Mother M. Marie Julie Saegaert, S.C.M.C.
Mother Anthony Lemire, S.C.M.C.
Sister Marie Lucette Marttinez S.C.M.C
Sister Mary Jacinta Anderson, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mary Daniel Benjamin, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Peter Bernard, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Marie Madeline Bourneuf, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Stella Marie Callaway, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mercedes Cook, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Elizabeth Cordeiro, S.C.M.C.
Sister Marie Andre Wilson, S.C.M.C.
Sister Marie Bernadette Garceau, S.C.M.C.
Sister Marie Joseph Gardes, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mary Grace Goddard, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Joan Clare Gulden, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Charles Marie Gwiazdowski, S.C.M.C.
Sister Therese Marie Herpy S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mary Francesco Irmen, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Michele Jascenia, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mary Patrick Mulready, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mark Orsulak S.C.M.C. 
Sister M. Gabriel Fassl, S.C.M.C. 
Sister M. Immaculata Rivard, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Concetta Scalia, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Agnes Smith, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mary Jane Vo, S.C.M.C.
Sister M. Mary Whaley, S.C.M.C.
Sister Marie Alexandria Smith, S.C.M.C.
Sister Maria Teresa Hirt S.C.M.C
Sister M. Rafael Allen, S.C.M.C
Sister M. Josephine Managure, S.C.M.C.

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